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Son’s ‘minor assault’ on his mother

haverfordwest_magistrates_courtA MILFORD Haven man was charged with assault at Haverfordwest Magistrates Court on Wednesday.

23-year-old Craig Wielding of Marble Hall Road, Milford Haven assaulted his mother, Jane Wielding, while she was driving through Milford Haven by pulling her hair during an argument between them, October 26.

He pleaded guilty to one offence of assault by beating.

Despite an initial verbal complaint to the police, Mrs Wielding later refused to make a written statement about the incident, which was described by prosecutor Vaughan Prichard-Jones as a “minor assault”. The prosecution was, therefore, based on the defendant’s admission in interview.

Defending Mark Layton stated: “Mr Wielding has been receiving mental health support and his carers are here today. His previous engagements with probation have not been successful and he is currently a recipient of state benefits”

Vaughan Pritchard-Jones quoted Mr Wielding saying “It was just a disagreement” in his previous interview. Mr Wielding was given a total of a £145 in fines and costs. He was ordered to pay £10 per fortnight.