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Tourist information centres to go

county hallTHE DECLINING use of tourist information centres has led councillors to vote that some of them should close.

From April 2014 the information centres in Saundersfoot and Haverfordwest will shut their doors for the last time. Chief Executive Bryn Parry Jones asked councillors to approve his suggestion that the buildings be sold off as they would be surplus to requirements. This was approved.

Councillors said that the digital age meant that people now searched for information on the internet rather than visiting the centres. The figures however suggest differently, with more visits to the centres than ever before. This however, The Herald has been told, is due to local people accessing services such as collecting bin bags rather than tourists looking for information.

Cllr. David Pugh said: “Its obliviously difficult against a backdrop which we are operating in to justify the supporting of these facilities any longer.”