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Turbine application gets blown away

blown awayAN APPLICATION for a wind turbine to be built on the Paddock at Mathry in Haverfordwest was rejected by county councillors on Tuesday.

At the Planning and Rights of Way meeting, councillors were minded to approve the application.

However, a very passionate speech from resident Gary Lock and the 105 letters of objection seemed to sway the councillors towards rejecting the application.

Gary said: “There are already eight wind turbines in view, the trees are 8m high and this wind turbine is four times higher.

“There should at least be a minimum distance of 500m between a turbine and a residential area. This one is 186m from my house. It is so far off the guidelines, it is quite frankly a kick in the teeth”.

Councillors raised concerns about the proximity of the turbine to the nearest houses and Councillor Gwilym Price added: “The impact would be intolerable”.

Councillor Peter Stock said:
“Pembrokeshire is one of the most beautiful counties and we need to consider what impact these turbines are having on the residents and also tourism.

“The National Park has objected to this and there are 105 letters of objection. There is no way I could support this. It will be detrimental to the county and its residents”.

The decision to refuse the application was put to a vote with six voting against and seven voting for it to be refused.

On announcing that the application had been rejected there were loud cheers and applause from the public gallery.

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