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Violent attack leaves engineer bleeding

engineer attackA FIGHT in a nightclub in Tenby which left an innocent clubber bruised and bleeding landed two men in court on Tuesday.

Jimmy Douglas Boswell, 22, of Kingsmoor Common, Kilgetty pleaded guilty to one public order charge, and Jadey Hearne, 28, of Laugharne Close, Pembroke pleaded guilty to two charges of assault by beating.

David Wheale, from the Crown Prosecution Service, outlined the case: “At around 1.05am on July 7 police were called to attend The Prince of Wales nightclub following reports of an assault on a Mr Connor Davies, an aircraft technician.

“The club was busy, and one of the defendants had told Mr Davies that if anyone else bumps into them he would knock them out. Boswell had accused Davies of pushing in at the bar.”

The prosecutor continued: “The next thing Davies received a blow to the face which caught him off guard and knocked him off his feet. As he tried to get up off the floor he was kicked repeatedly.”

The court was shown photographs of the injuries sustained by Davies, as well as a CCTV video of the attack itself.

Everyone present sat silently whilst the video, which had no sound, was played in open court.

The prosecutor explained how after the attack Davies was brought to a small room with his eye bleeding before the police arrived.

During mitigation, Jonathan Webb, defending, told the court the words which were allegedly exchanged before the violence erupted. The Pembrokeshire Herald, however, cannot report what was allegedly said between the men. The crown prosecutor successfully made an application to the magistrates to prevent it being reported in the press. Section 58 of the Criminal Procedure and Investigation Act 1996 introduces an ‘additional safeguard’ by providing orders by court preventing the media from reporting derogatory or defamatory mitigation.

We can report what Mr Jonathan Webb said next: “After what was said, Boswell’s blood was boiling. A red mist, I am afraid, was in the air. Hearn realises that he should not have acted in the way he did.”

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Magistrates fined Boswell a total of £265 for the public order offence. Hearne was given a curfew order to run from 8 to 5pm every day for 12 months.

Magistrates told Hearne: “We are glad you have now found full time employment as a scaffolder at Dragon LNG. We are also pleased you have started to attend anger management classes.”