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Woman’s dogs killed cat

haverfordwest magistratesA MILFORD Haven woman appeared in Haverfordwest Magistrates Court on Tuesday to face a charge of being the owner of two dogs that caused fear or injury in a private place.

Angela Meehan, aged 41, of Meyler Crescent, pleaded guilty to allowing her dogs to enter a place, which was not public in Meyler Crescent, where they were not permitted to be and, whilst they were there, there were
grounds for reasonable apprehension that they would injure a person. Prosecuting, Mr Vaughan Pritchard-Jones said: At 3:10pm Mr Owen saw a dog jumping over his gate he realised that two dogs were in his garden attacking his 14-year-old cat. The cat was clearly in distress as the dogs were pulling it in different directions. Mr Owen shouted at the dogs and hit them with a stick. This didn’t work, and eventually the dogs stopped of their own accord. Mr Owen rushed to his cat, but it had taken its last breath and died.

Meehan claims she had an electrician at the house, who had left the gate open letting the dogs out. I suggest a control order to keep the dogs under proper control.

Defence solicitor, Mark Layton said: “Control on the dogs has already been undertaken. Meehan has been in regular contact with the local dog warden and the dogs have been chipped and the male has been neutered. The female is too old to be spayed.

“This event could not have been foreseen and is not really Meehan’s fault. Our options are limited as the defendant is heavily pregnant. I suggest a conditional discharge and a control order on the dogs”.

Magistrates concluded to give Meehan a total of £215 to pay in fines and a control order on the dogs.