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Urdd Eisteddfod celebrates some of Wales’ “most talented writers”

Deffro - Clawr

AS a week of celebrating the winning works of those who competed in the 2020 Urdd Eisteddfod draws to a close, the Urdd is excited to announced that copies of ‘Deffro’ – a new-look volume of compositions – is now available in local bookshops and in e-book format.

The organisers of the Urdd Eisteddfod took this opportunity to give the compositions a complete revamp, and to modernise its look and feel. For the first time ever, the works in the volume are set out in themed categories rather than competitions, with striking illustrations bringing the content to life.

Two former winners of the Urdd Eisteddfod worked together on the project, artist Efa Lois from Aberystwyth (who won the main artist prize at the Brecknock and Radnorshire Eisteddfod in 2018) and creative editor Brennig Davies from Wenfro in the Vale of Glamorgan (Pose Prize Winner at the 2019 Cardiff and Vale Eisteddfod).

“After months of planning, it’s great to see this volume being published today, with the support of the Books Council of Wales,” said Siân Eirian, Director of the Urdd Eisteddfod and Arts Department. “Efa’s beautiful illustrations and the way Brennig has structured the content really bring the work of the winners to life. Nurturing the talent of the young people of Wales is at the heart of our work, and this is an example which showcases the talent of the next generation of writers we have here in Wales. Grab a copy and enjoy!”

According to Efa Lois, the volume discusses “topics of global importance”, and Brennig believes that Deffro includes work by some of Wales’s “most talented writers”:

“It was a privilege to be given the opportunity to edit this volume, and the work has been a real pleasure,” said Brennig, who recently completed his BA in English at Mansfield College, Oxford. 

“I had the opportunity to read and enjoy the stories, poems, plays and speeches by some of Wales’s most talented young writers – people who I am proud to call my peers.

“Although these pieces were written pre-COVID, they deal with timeless themes such as love, loss, nationality, youth, nature and much more – which now feel even more relevant. I enjoyed seeing that some things were changing, but that other thing were bound to continue, including the creativity of Welsh young people that the Urdd (and especially the Eisteddfod) helps to sustain and celebrate.”

A comprehensive list of all the winners and their work that was received in Spring 2020, together with comments from the judges, is now available on the Urdd website.