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£250,000 funding boost for the Welsh language on Anglesey

THANKS to the UK Community Renewal Fund, the Welsh language has been introduced to new organisations, businesses, and families across Anglesey.

This support has enabled Menter Iaith Môn to expand beyond its traditional network in order to promote the usage of the Welsh language.

Up to sixty community organisations and enterprises have received help as a result of the funding, and activities for children, adolescents, and Welsh language learners in various regions have been held to stimulate interest and promote the language.

Elen Hughes, the chief executive officer of Menter Iaith Môn, told Herald.Wales: “This money has allowed us to extend our work and reach communities that don’t often get a chance to engage with the Welsh language.

“Our aim was to highlight the opportunities that arise from using Welsh in education, work, and business but also socially.

“The language is important to us here on Anglesey, it belongs to us all. It’s therefore important that it has a place in all aspects of life.

“Among the highlights of the scheme was a sports reporting workshop held for secondary school pupils on the island run with Welsh language magazine, Golwg along with some of our most popular broadcasters.

The grant has also allowed Menter Iaith Môn to do research on the language’s status and usage on the island.

The objective is that the findings will assist Menter Iaith Môn and other partners in planning their future work and allocating funding to regions where the Welsh language will be strengthened the most.

Director of operations Dafydd Gruffydd remarked, “The work of the language initiative is vital to our mission as an organisation, and promoting the Welsh language has been at the core of Menter Môn from its inception over 25 years ago.”

“It’s encouraging to see that this recent investment has had a beneficial impact on reaching new demographics.

“If we want the Welsh language to flourish, we must promote it to audiences outside of its traditional spheres of influence.”

Menter Iaith Môn has collaborated with partners through the Anglesey Language Forum (Fforwm Iaith Môn) to carry out a number of activities funded by the Community Renewal Fund.

Their expectation for the future is that many of these events will continue to promote the use of Welsh on Anglesey.