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AMG Alpoco in Holyhead axes over half factory workforce

OVER half the workforce at an Anglesey factory are facing redundancy. The company has said that it is due to surging energy costs. 

AMG Alpoco in Holyhead has written to the staff, informing them that up to 28 jobs are at risk of redundancy at the aluminium powders site.

They said that it was not possible to pass on rising energy costs to all its global customers – drastically impacting demand from the Holyhead site. 

Rhun ap Iorwerth MS mentioned the planned job cuts in the Senedd. #

He said: “The letter given to staff yesterday says that increased costs, including energy costs, are behind the decision by the company to restructure. This amounts to more than half the workforce at the Holyhead plant. Needless to say, this is devastating for all those that could be affected.

“Could I ask that the economy Minister gives us a written statement with some urgency, or at least a response to us as local representatives, explaining the urgent measures that Welsh Government can take to contact the company to see what measures might be able to be put in place to help them and hopefully to get to a place where the company can reconsider its plans.”