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Warning to residents after Anglesey tax double billing blunder

ANGLESEY residents are being urged to check they have been properly refunded after a North Wales council tax blunder caused double payments to be taken from 1,300 accounts.

Anglesey County Council “apologised unreservedly” earlier this week after it discovered that two Council Tax direct debit payments had been taken from some accounts.

People who paid their council tax by direct debit on December 21, 2022, had their accounts debited again in error.

Now, the leader of the council’s opposition group Councillor Aled Morris Jones has called for a ‘thorough investigation’ and measures to prevent billing errors like this ever happening again.

The council stated on its website that the error had arose due to a “breakdown in our processes.”

It apologised saying: “We’d like to offer our sincere apologies for the inconvenience and worry caused.”

It stated that those who had had their accounts debited twice, would get a full refund of the second amount, to be credited to their accounts on December 30, 2022.

However, the mix up led to even further confusion over the refunds.
“As we do not know the details of all those who may have already received a refund, we have decided to refund all affected,” the council said.

“We will contact those who have received a double refund in the new year to make alternative arrangements to pay the outstanding balance.”

In a further complication, the council also reported that it was aware that some people, who would have expected their accounts to have been debited on December 29, had not in fact paid.

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“For those who have not paid their instalment as expected, the instruction to collect the December instalment has been reissued to our bank and the payment will be debited against your account on Tuesday, January 3 or Wednesday, January 4, 2023.

Cllr Aled Morris Jones, who represents the Anglesey Independents, said: “I am now asking for these billing errors to be thoroughly investigated. We want to know how the errors were even possible.

“I suggest people contact their banks to check their accounts have been refunded and also to speak with the council too.

He added: “Measures must be taken to make sure something l like this never happen s again.”

The council website statement reads “Our internal processes are now being reviewed to identify where and how we can make the necessary improvements. We are very much aware that during the current cost of living crisis that many families and individuals are struggling financially.

“Errors like this only add to those financial concerns and, once again, we apologise unreservedly.”