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Less litter on Conwy’s streets

CONWY’S streets continue to improve in cleanliness with a reduction in litter, according to the All Wales Annual ‘Local Environmental Audit and Management System’ (LEAMS) Report 2023/24 published by Keep Wales Tidy.

At 78.5 Conwy’s ‘Cleanliness Indicator’ (CI) is higher than the CI of 75.3 obtained in 2022-23.

There has been an increase in A graded streets – up from 10.3% to 15.8%, the highest percentage of streets with no litter or refuse in Conwy since the survey began in 2007-08.

97.4% of streets were graded B or above, an increase on last year’s figure.

Disappointingly, 2.6% of streets were recorded as C grade. This is a decrease from last year but means 4 streets were still below an acceptable standard.

For a fourth year, no D grade streets were recorded in the county, which is very positive.

Cllr Geoff Stewart, Cabinet Member for neighbourhood and the environment said: “I’m pleased that Conwy has performed well in this survey again – clean streets are important to us and to our residents, businesses and visitors.

“Given the enormity of the financial constraints and additional pressure the council is having to work under I’d like to thank the Open Spaces team for all their hard work, and also the residents and visitors who dispose of their litter responsibly. It’s working together that has achieved these results.

“While the results show that general litter is down, litter from individuals continues to be the most prevalent of all litter sources and that’s disappointing. To the people who are not being respectful of where we live – PLEASE put your litter in a bin or take it home with you, like everyone else.”

Smoking related litter continues to be the most common type of litter found on the streets in Wales. This is the case in Conwy with smoking related litter found on 45.4% of streets surveyed. This year, for the first time, smoking-related litter also includes disposable vapes. Vapes were found on 2.6% of streets in Conwy.