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Llandudno neighbours oppose plan for yurts

LLANDUDNO residents say plans for yurts will cause traffic problems, noise, and pollution. 

Applicant A. Carri has submitted a part retrospective planning application to Conwy County Council’s planning committee, seeking to develop land at Bodafon Hall in Craigside, Llandudno, for the use of yurts. 

Yurts are round portable tents or cabins used for camping. 

The application is the second this year, following another submitted to Conwy for the same site, seeking permission for wooden glamping pods, which faces similar opposition from neighbours.  Another application for a glamping pod was withdrawn last summer.  

The land is part of Bodafon Hall and is currently used as grounds for a home and holiday cottages. 

But residents living on Bodafon Road say the yurts will contribute to added traffic problems. 

A letter from Joanne Purcell and Marcello Fiorita to the council outlined the concerns, including additional traffic. 

The letter points to a housing development already given the go-ahead on nearby Nant-y-Gamar Road.  

“It is our belief this second attempt at a part-retrospective planning application, and, indeed, highly likely future applications, could result in serious harm to the local amenity, including harm to the residential area, highway safety, and nature conservation if it is granted,” the letter reads.  

“There is no question that, when we purchased this house 17 or 18 years ago, our main reason was the quiet residential neighbouring land.” 

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“This proposal has already destroyed this woodland beyond recognition,” it states.  

“Bodafon Road holds around a dozen houses, two commercial buildings, a primary school, and a nursing home. The road is a narrow back lane used by an increasingly significant number of cars, vans, cyclists, pedestrians, horse riders, and additional vehicles using the road to avoid the promenade. 

“It will now have to endure the extra traffic from all the residents of the future housing estate on Nant-y-Gamar Road.” 

The letter added: “There are now two pods built on the boundary of our land. One has been equipped with a large wood stove burner and is only 10-12 metres away from our home. 

“This smoke would drift up the short distance to our property and prevent us from using our garden or keeping our windows open.  

“We can already smell the smoke from the wood burners from the yurt and hot tub in question. Overall, it is a very stressful situation we find ourselves in whilst the yurt itself is already causing noise, odour, and air pollution.”  

The planning application will likely be considered by Conwy’s planning committee at a future meeting.