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Llysfaen Primary School praised for exceptional standards and leadership

DURING a recent visit to Llysfaen Primary School, Estyn have commended the school for its exceptional standards, outstanding leadership, and a nurturing environment that supports all pupils in achieving high levels of success.

Inspectors from His Majesty’s Inspectorate for Education and Training in Wales described the school as a highly successful and happy institution where high standards permeate all aspects of its life and work.

The inspection report highlights the strong and effective leadership provided by the headteacher, governors, and other senior leaders. Their deep understanding of the school’s strengths and areas for improvement, combined with the regular gathering of accurate performance evidence and effective planning, ensures that any shortcomings are addressed swiftly.

The report notes that that nearly all pupils, including those with additional learning needs (ALN), make very strong progress and the well-planned curriculum and wider curricular opportunities provide pupils with authentic and exciting learning experiences.

Many pupils are highly competent in mathematics, demonstrate mature writing skills for various purposes, and achieve very high standards in oracy and reading and the school’s whole-school approach to teaching and promoting Welsh has resulted in most pupils developing well-rounded Welsh language skills and a strong awareness of Wales’ history, culture, and people (cynefin).

The provision to support pupils with additional learning needs is highly effective, resulting in significant progress from individual starting points and the report praises the high quality of teaching, noting that most teachers skilfully plan lessons that build on pupils’ prior learning and set high expectations. This approach encourages pupils to respond positively to challenges and develop a passion for learning.

The inspection found that nearly all pupils behave impeccably, interacting with each other in a caring and supportive manner. The positive relationships between pupils and staff, coupled with a nurturing environment, ensure that pupils’ well-being is well supported. There is also a strong culture of safeguarding at the school.

Headteacher Melanie Jenkins said: “I am absolutely delighted with our Estyn report, which highlights the tireless efforts of my staff to guarantee the best for every pupil and celebrates all the things we hold dear here at Llysfaen Primary School.

“The staff are so dedicated and work so hard to cultivate a nurturing, inclusive and lively school environment as well as craft an engaging and pertinent curriculum that helps our pupils excel in their learning.

“The report reflects the ‘high standards that permeate all aspects of school life’ here at Llysfaen and celebrates the achievement of all our pupils, the partnership with our parents and the incredible care and dedication of our staff and governors. I am extremely proud to be the Headteacher of such a fantastic school.”

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Overall a positive report, Estyn have made one recommendation to the school around increasing opportunities for pupils to direct their own learning in lessons which will be addressed in the school’s action plan.

A Cardiff Council spokesperson said: “Estyn have acknowledged that Llysfaen Primary School is a vibrant and inclusive school committed to providing high-quality education where all pupils can thrive.

“It is clear from the report that pupils play a leading role in improving the school, with regular opportunities to influence decision-making at both class and whole-school levels.

“This involvement helps learners develop key leadership skills and feel that their voice is important and heard. It was particularly pleasing to hear of the Wellbeing Champions who have contributed to revising the school’s anti bullying policy and the Digital Leaders who surveyed staff to arrange training for them to use different digital programs with better understanding.

“School staff, pupils and the community should feel proud of this positive feedback which reiterates the school’s commitment to continuous improvement.”

At the time of inspection, Llysfaen Primary School had 458 pupils on roll. 4.4% of pupils are eligible for free school meals, 3.9% of pupils identify as having additional learning needs and 3.4% have English as an additional language.

This inspection was undertaken as part of trying out Estyn’s new inspection arrangements.

For more information or to read the full inspection report, please visit Llysfaen Primary School | Estyn (gov.wales)