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Council reminds visitors to take care on the coast

GWYNEDD COUNCIL is urging residents of the county and visitors from other parts of Wales, to take care when visiting the county’s coast.

As Covid-19 restrictions are relaxed, Welsh residents can now travel beyond their local area.

People cannot travel to or from Wales until at least 12 April.

With that in mind, Gwynedd Council wants to ensure that anyone intending to go to the beach does so safely and treats the coast with respect.

Councillor Gareth Thomas, Gwynedd Council Cabinet Member for Economy said: “With significant numbers of people visiting our beautiful beaches every year, we want to remind people planning a trip to the seaside to check the weather, tide and to treat the sea with respect.

“Gwynedd’s coastline is breathtakingly beautiful, but it is important that everyone who visits is aware of the dangers of the coast and treats the natural environment with respect.

“At this time of year, despite the sunshine, the sea is extremely cold – so take care if you are thinking of going into the water and make sure you follow all safety instructions.

“Don’t venture into the sea unless you are confident that you have the ability to return to land.

“If you’re planning on going out onto the water in a boat, make sure that you have all the necessary safety equipment on board.

“Warning signs are installed at various beaches and our beach staff will also be on-hand at the most popular locations to advise members of the public of the dangers.”

In some locations, red flags fly to advise people not to enter the water. These areas are considered dangerous due to local conditions and tidal currents in particular.

Barry Davies from Gwynedd Council’s Maritime Service added: “Our message is for people to enjoy the beach safely and treat the Gwynedd coastline with respect. Make sure you park sensibly – there are a number of designated car parks and spaces available.

“If a car park is full, consider other locations you can visit. Those who park irresponsibly and block roads near the beach will make it difficult for emergency service vehicles should they need to access the area.

“Gwynedd Council’s beach warden team is there to advise, but with nearly 180 miles of coastline, our beach wardens can’t be everywhere at once.

“If you are concerned about someone at risk in the sea, call 999 and ask for the Coastguard.

“We want people to enjoy the beach and the sea safely, please dispose of your litter responsibly. Consider those around you and don’t put yourself and others in danger.”