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Candidates for Bangor Aberconwy Seat – General Election 2024

John Clark (Reform UK)
John Clark is the candidate for Reform UK, a party advocating for significant changes in the UK’s political structure. Clark’s campaign focuses on reforming governance, reducing taxes, and implementing stricter immigration controls. He emphasizes the need for direct democracy, allowing the public to have a greater say in national decisions through referenda. Clark’s approach is centred on efficiency and reducing bureaucracy, aiming to make the government more responsive to the needs of its citizens. His campaign promises to address local issues with practical solutions and to bring a fresh perspective to the constituency

Petra Haig (Green Party)
Petra Haig, representing the Green Party, brings a focus on environmental sustainability and social justice to her campaign. A retired nurse and community activist, Haig has lived in Deganwy for over 15 years and now runs a sailing school with her husband. She advocates for protecting the environment, promoting renewable energy, and challenging the current consumerist economic system. Haig’s campaign is committed to placing people over profit, ensuring a sustainable future, and creating caring local communities. Her policies aim to address climate change while enhancing social equity

Claire Hughes (Labour Party)
Claire Hughes, the Labour candidate, aims to address the cost-of-living crisis and support the local economy. Hughes, who grew up and lives in Bangor Aberconwy, focuses on improving public services, supporting small businesses, and protecting the environment. She emphasizes the need for government action to ensure no one has to choose between heating their home and feeding their family. Hughes’s campaign is built on the principles of social justice, economic fairness, and community support, promising to bring new life to high streets and create job opportunities.

Kathrine Jones (Socialist Labour Party)
Kathrine Jones stands for the Socialist Labour Party, advocating for policies that prioritize workers’ rights and social welfare. Her campaign focuses on tackling inequality, improving public services, and ensuring fair wages. Jones emphasizes the need for a more equitable society where everyone has access to essential services and opportunities. She aims to represent the working-class interests of Bangor Aberconwy, pushing for policies that benefit the majority rather than the elite.

Steve Marshall (Climate Party)

Steve Marshall is the candidate for the Climate Party, a group dedicated to addressing the urgent issues of climate change. His campaign is centred on implementing green policies, promoting renewable energy, and ensuring sustainable development. Marshall advocates for drastic changes in how society manages its resources, aiming to reduce carbon footprints and protect natural habitats. His focus is on creating a future that is environmentally sustainable and economically viable for all residents.

Robin Millar (Conservative Party)

Robin Millar, the Conservative candidate and former MP for Aberconwy, seeks to build a stronger economy and improve local infrastructure. Millar emphasizes the importance of better connections, a robust economy, and more skilled jobs in North Wales. He aims to preserve the region’s culture, environment, and heritage while promoting economic development. Millar’s campaign highlights his experience and commitment to addressing constituency issues, supporting outdoor learning, and advocating for a stronger UK.

Rachael Roberts (Liberal Democrats)

Rachael Roberts represents the Liberal Democrats, focusing on grassroots community initiatives and tackling the cost-of-living crisis. Roberts advocates for major investment in renewable energy and aims to empower constituents by supporting community-driven efforts. Her campaign highlights the need for fair and sustainable economic solutions, emphasizing the importance of addressing both the climate crisis and economic challenges. Roberts promises to bring a fresh perspective and passionate advocacy to Parliament if elected.

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Catrin Wager (Plaid Cymru)

Catrin Wager, representing Plaid Cymru, is a seasoned campaigner and local councillor. She has a strong track record on issues ranging from the climate crisis to social justice. Wager has led successful campaigns for environmental sustainability and community improvement. Her platform includes enhancing public services, supporting local businesses, and promoting Welsh culture and language. Wager’s campaign promises to continue her work in advocating for a greener, fairer, and more prosperous Bangor Aberconwy.