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Denbighshire councillor calls to review speed limit on ‘dangerous’ road

Denbighshire County Council

The SPEED limit on a “dangerous” stretch of the A494 needs to be lowered. That is the view of Denbighshire councillor Hugh Evans who says a minority of selfish drivers are speeding through Gwyddelwern and Pwll-glas along the A494, risking the lives of residents and other motorists.

He is urging the Welsh Government to look again at 60mph limit, when the next national review takes place. Cllr Evans has been campaigning for the speed limit to be reduced from 60 mph to 50 or even 40 mph on the stretch and is now hoping the limit is reduced as part of a national review.

The Welsh Government is currently revising speed limits across the country. Cllr Evans believes the Welsh Government needs to act before there is a serious accident. “I urge the Welsh Government to engage with local residents, in order to hear real local issues on speeding,” he said.

“The A494 is really dangerous. I’ve had meetings there with trunk road officers, and they’ve seen the level of speed of cars travelling through. It’s a long stretch, and when people leave the garage, it is dangerous. Also towards Pandy Capel, it’s dangerous when people leave their properties.

“Because it is a national speed limit and because it is a built-up area, it does cause massive problems and fear in the community. There is a desperate need to reduce the speed limit.”

He added: “There is a national review of speed limits across Wales, and I would like Welsh Government to engage with residents in this area in order to have a clear understanding of what the problems are. I just want to highlight this as a really dangerous road in my ward. They really need to engage and consult properly to have a clear understanding.”

A Welsh Government spokesman said, “We take road safety very seriously and regularly review police collision data to inform the need for additional measures. Our Trunk Road Agents have met with Cllr Evans to explain that this stretch of road did not meet the criteria for a lower speed limit during the last speed limit review.

“However, we are in the process of revising our guidance on setting local speed limits, and on completion, we will undertake a review of speed limits across Wales.”