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Family home gets planning permission despite neighbour opposition

A FAMILY who struggled through the COVID pandemic were granted planning permission for an affordable home on their land for a relative, despite opposition from neighbours.

Ms Jeanette Reaich applied for permission to build a bungalow together with the installation of a new septic tank at Graig Cottage, Graigadwywynt, Ruthin.

But neighbours opposed the application, arguing that the new property would pollute the air, be out of keeping with the surrounding area, and disrupt rural life.

But Ms Reaich’s sister Tanya Reaich addressed Denbighshire’s planning committee explaining the family had had a torrid time during the COVID pandemic, which had adversely affected the family.

“Jeanette, my sister, has managed to steer a path through this difficult time but has been affected by the situation and just wants to provide so this next generation can blossom,” she said.

“Mum is 81 and has lived there for 20 years. Although active, Jeanette provides support and visits most days, as my mother doesn’t want to leave the cottage.

“Jeanette plays a pivotal role in this – although the building and this project will hopefully be a catalyst for happier times.”

But neighbours weren’t happy with the proposals, and several wrote letters of objection to the council.

Thomas Gregg feared the new building’s chimney would cause his children to have breathing problems.

“The heating for the building appears to be solely reliant on a wood burner, which produces particulate airborne pollution,” he said.

“During cold weather, if a wood burner is the sole source of heating, this would be in use for a significant period of time, and the fumes would be carried to our property that is in close proximity by the prevailing wind.

“The height of the chimney is significantly lower than at the existing neighbouring properties, which significantly reduces the dilution of the smoke in the air before it would reach us.

Ms Jeanette Reaich applied for permission to build a bungalow together with the installation of a new septic tank at Graig Cottage, Graigadwywynt, Ruthin.

“Our children are susceptible to breathing ailments, one having suffered croup, and another being hospitalised with breathing difficulties within the last three months. Increased and prolonged exposure to additional fumes could be detrimental to their health.”

Tracy Thompson added: “As the owner of the lane, I am concerned about the increase in traffic as the lane already allows access to several properties.

“Disruption to the lane due to building and installation of services will have a massive negative impact.”

Raymond Doctor added: “The proposals are not in keeping with the area. If the proposal is approved, then there will be an increase in traffic in the access lane, which is already overused and in need of maintenance.”

Phillip Roberts added: “The properties in the immediate area are built in stone. The proposed dwelling would be out of keeping in appearance to existing neighbouring dwellings. Badgers are known to frequent this area, and there is a large wood immediately adjacent to the proposed dwelling site.”

The three-bedroom 80sqm affordable home will be built on the north side of the plot, forming an L-shape with a front projecting gable, with a bathroom, an open-plan kitchen, and a living-dining area.

The home will also have patio doors, a living room, and a master bedroom, as well as a wood burner flue.

The bungalow’s roof will be constructed using grey standing seam metal and feature eight solar panels with metal wall cladding and composite windows and doors.

The building will have parking spaces to the south.

Despite the neighbours’ objections, Cllr Peter Scott proposed that the committee backed the plans, and councillors unanimously agreed that the application fitted in with Denbighshire’s policy on affordable homes, and the committee unanimously voted in favour of the plans