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Inspectors publish reports on Flintshire schools

TWO Flintshire primary schools which share a headteacher have received positive reports after inspection.

Nannerch Primary School and Nercwys CIW, both near Mold, were visited by the government’s education inspectorate Estyn in March.

The schools are part of the Nantlwys Federation of Schools, an arrangement that means they share a governing body and a headteacher who splits her time across both sites.

Leadership of both schools came in for praise, as did the behaviour of pupils and the opportunities they are given.

The inspectors’ report on Nercwys states it “is a happy school where all pupils treat each other, staff and visitors with politeness and respect”.

It adds: “Pupil behaviour is good, and most are keen to undertake tasks enthusiastically. Staff have a good understanding of pupils’ needs and through joint planning, they prepare interesting activities that engage pupils’ interests well.

“However, at times, provision does not always allow pupils to develop and extend their independent writing skills and a few pupils are less enthusiastic about their learning.”

The report goes on to say that most pupils enjoy school but teachers could sometimes provide more opportunity to use their skills across the curriculum.

It states: “There are positive relationships between pupils and staff, and this means they are confident to speak with adults regarding any worries they may have.

“However, teachers do not provide sufficient opportunities for pupils to apply their skills, particularly their writing skills, often enough across the curriculum.”

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Reporting on Nannerch School, the inspectors stated: “Across the school, most teachers and teaching assistants provide timely feedback during lessons to enable pupils to improve their work.

“Younger pupils benefit from the continuous support they receive during their learning to make small but important next steps. Older pupils have suitable opportunities to reflect on their work and to identify what they need to do to progress with their learning.

“All staff have positive working relationships with pupils and parents. Many parents feel the school enables their children to be happy and safe. They believe the school helps their children settle well when they first start school.”

Inspectors also gave praise to the headteacher of both schools in their reports.

They said: “The federation’s headteacher, along with school leaders and the whole community, have effectively shaped and implemented a clear vision for the education and wellbeing of all pupils.

“Across both schools, and through thoughtful and compassionate leadership the headteacher has gained the trust of all staff and established a caring culture, where pupils feel safe and secure and enjoy being at school.

“The headteacher divides her time wisely between Nercwys and Nannerch. School leaders and staff provide strong support to the headteacher and assume responsibility for the day-to-day management of the schools in her absence.”

Just two recommendations have been made for Nannerch Primary School, which are to:

  • Strengthen self-evaluation processes to focus more specifically on the impact of teaching on learning.
  • Provide more opportunities for pupils to develop their extended writing skills.

The same recommendations have been made for Nercwys CIW, with an additional recommendation to address inconsistencies in teaching highlighted during the inspection.

Both schools will draw up an action plan to address the recommendations.