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Redrow wins bronze at the Global Good Awards.

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Redrow has also partnered with several suppliers on low-carbon and renewable heating solutions – including providers of air source heat pumps, solar PV panels and infrared heating – and worked with its energy provider to increase the percentage of electricity procured from renewable sources (96% in 2022).r biodiverse communities.

Redrow has collaborated with its supply chain to reduce waste as part of its search for other sustainable solutions. Crown Paint’s “paint can” recycling programme and Community Wood Recycling have helped remove more than 95% of the company’s waste from landfill. Redrow has also been encouraging responsible forest management and securing the eradication of illegal timber products from their supply chain for the last 15 years. In 2022, 99.98% of timber was responsibly sourced in accordance with FSC/PEFC criteria.

Judges remarked of Redrow’s entry, “Real leadership in the sector is demonstrated… especially in terms of carbon reduction strategies and enabling the supplier chain to take action.”

Through its relationship with the Supply Chain Sustainability School, Redrow has continued to invest in upskilling the workforce and supply chain on sustainable procurement over the previous year.

The Global Good Awards 2022, based in the United Kingdom but open to corporations and organisations from all over the world, recognise and reward change in all facets of purpose-driven sustainability and social impact. International entries accounted for over 40% of this year’s applications, with the United States accounting for half of those.

Redrow was one of just six firms shortlisted in the Sustainable Supply Chain category, and one of only three honoured, including joint bronze winners Microsoft and gold medal recipients i. (olam food ingredients).

The hybrid Global Good Awards ceremony invited overseas finalists to attend virtually rather than make the carbon-heavy journeys to the UK.

CEO of the Global Good Awards Karen Sutton said: “Whether large companies or small organisations making a big impact, award winners or runners up, we never cease to be inspired by the commitment of businesses and individuals to make the world a better place. And thanks to them and others in this space, sustainability is now mainstream.”

Redrow’s Group head of commercial Stephen Horridge said: “Our supply chain partners play a crucial role in helping us to achieve our environmental, social and business objectives. They directly influence the quality of our homes, our ability to complete each home on-time for our customer, and our ability to innovate.

“Supply chain sustainability is key to addressing the climate crisis and achieving our net zero carbon goal before 2050. Many of the trials currently underway are steppingstones on this journey and we are working closely with our suppliers as new technology emerges.

“There is a real opportunity to demonstrate that strong environmental performance can create long term sustainable value for the business and our stakeholders, including our supply chain. This Global Good bronze award is great recognition for the work we have done so far in this area and we are now even more determined to continue to improve and build on this achievement.”

• To find out more about Redrow’s approach to sustainability visit www.redrowplc.co.uk/sustainability/.