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Former stable could operate as dog day-care centre in Denbighshire

Denbighshire County Council

A FORMER stable could be granted planning permission to operate as a dog day-care centre.

Applicant Catrin Davies has retrospectively applied to Denbighshire County Council’s planning department, seeking permission for a change of use of Wern Stables near Dre Goch Junction, Llandyrnog.

Beti Bach Dog Day Care is already in operation, employing three full-time workers.

But neighbour Carol Tate is unhappy with the plans and has written to the council. “My main objection to the proposed change of use is the noise generated from the kennels, i.e., constant barking Monday to Friday,” she wrote.

“I have been monitoring this over several weeks and would refer you to the environmental team at Caledfryn where I have submitted the form provided.

“If approved, these kennels would benefit from serious soundproofing as we have had constant disruption from August or September 2022, and this is no longer acceptable.”

She added: “It is having an impact on our daily lives and the enjoyment of our outside space.”

Neighbour Brandon Keating, though, supported the application.

“As someone who has lived in Llandyrnog for 18 years, I fully support this business,” he wrote.

“Not only is it a local business that provides a quality, hard-working, and friendly service, it’s one that has employed local staff and has given opportunities for people from our village!

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“Not only that, but it has provided local residents from Highfield (with the opportunity) to attend for voluntary days, helping out and bringing a new lease of life back into their lives.”

According to the application, the dogs are looked after, fed, and exercised by the staff members.

In an application statement, the applicant’s agent claimed the kennels were fitted with anti-barking devices and that noise levels were monitored.

“As well as these anti-bark devices, the site operator takes regular measurements with a digital sound level metre to ensure that no noise nuisance occurs as a result of the use,” the statement reads.

“The waste from the site is collected regularly by ASH Waste. The waste is collected in a sealed large refuse bin and then taken away on a regular basis.

“The site is operated in a professional and considerate way by the applicant, who is highly experienced in this field of work.”

If given the go-ahead, the business will continue to operate Monday – Friday 7.30 am – 6 pm. Currently dogs are dropped off at the kennels between 7.30am and 9am, and pick-up is between 4.30pm and 6pm.

The kennels don’t open at weekends and take a maximum of 15 dogs per day.

The planning application will be debated by Denbighshire councillors at a future planning committee meeting.