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Candidates for Alyn and Deeside Seat – General Election 2024

AS the 2024 General Election nears, the Alyn and Deeside constituency has seen an energetic and competitive campaign, with each candidate actively engaging with the community to present their platforms and visions for the future.  

Edwin Duggan (Independent) Edwin Duggan, running as an independent candidate, brings a focus on local issues and community-driven policies. With a background in community service, Duggan’s campaign centres on grassroots initiatives aimed at improving public services, enhancing local infrastructure, and promoting social welfare. He advocates for increased transparency in government and more direct involvement of residents in decision-making processes. Duggan’s independent stance aims to offer an alternative to party politics, emphasising the importance of representing the true voice of the Alyn and Deeside community.

Jeremy Kent (Conservative Party) Jeremy Kent is the Conservative candidate for Alyn and Deeside, campaigning on a platform of economic stability and public service efficiency. Kent highlights the need for robust economic policies to support business growth and job creation in the region. His campaign promises to tackle crime, improve educational standards, and enhance healthcare services. Kent’s approach includes advocating for lower taxes and reduced government spending, aiming to foster a more prosperous and secure future for constituents. He pledges to work towards a balanced budget while maintaining essential public services.

Karl Macnaughton (Green Party) Karl Macnaughton represents the Green Party, focusing on environmental sustainability and social justice. His campaign advocates for renewable energy projects, protection of natural habitats, and policies to combat climate change. Macnaughton also stresses the importance of social equity, promoting better public transport, affordable housing, and comprehensive healthcare. He aims to build a resilient local economy that supports small businesses and sustainable practices. Macnaughton’s vision is for Alyn and Deeside to lead in green initiatives and social responsibility, ensuring a sustainable future for all residents.

Richard Marbrow (Liberal Democrats) Richard Marbrow is the Liberal Democrat candidate, bringing a platform of progressive social policies and economic reform. His campaign focuses on mental health services, education, and climate change. Marbrow advocates for a fairer society where resources are allocated to ensure equal opportunities for all. He also stresses the importance of a strong relationship with Europe, support for small businesses, and the implementation of green energy initiatives to tackle climate change. Marbrow aims to represent the voices of those seeking a liberal and inclusive future for Alyn and Deeside.

Jack Morris (Plaid Cymru) Jack Morris, standing for Plaid Cymru, emphasises the importance of preserving Welsh culture and language, improving local public services, and promoting sustainable economic growth. His campaign is centred on the need for better healthcare services, more educational opportunities, and infrastructure improvements. Morris’s vision is to see a more prosperous and self-reliant Wales, where local communities thrive and have greater control over their future. He advocates for stronger regional autonomy and greater investment in local industries to ensure economic stability and growth.

Vicki Roskams (Reform UK) Vicki Roskams represents Reform UK, focusing on significant changes to the political landscape of the UK. Her campaign highlights the need for a reformed governance system, lower taxes, and stricter immigration controls. Roskams advocates for direct democracy, where the public has more say in national decisions through referenda. She also emphasises reducing bureaucracy and enhancing public services by making them more efficient. Roskams is determined to offer a strong alternative to traditional party politics, promising to prioritise the needs and concerns of local residents.

Mark Tami (Labour Party) Mark Tami, the Labour Party candidate, brings experience and a strong political background. His campaign is centred on social justice, economic fairness, and public service investment. Tami advocates for better healthcare, improved educational facilities, and increased support for workers. He is committed to addressing the cost-of-living crisis and ensuring that economic growth benefits everyone in Alyn and Deeside. Tami’s approach is to combine local issues with national policies that aim to create a fairer and more equitable society.