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Bangor high street takeaway can stay open until early hours

Pizza (Pic: PIXNIO)

A BANGOR takeaway will be allowed to sell hot food into the early hours – providing it employs bouncers on the door after 11pm.

Bangor Grill Limited, on High Street, must also observe licence conditions controlling noise nuisance and the smells of cooked food.

The firm lodged an application for a premises licence for 212 High Street to Cynogr Gwynedd, and the plan was approved by the council’s licensing sub-committee.

The applicants had requested permission to sell late night refreshments including hot food, such as kebabs, burgers and pizzas, to be consumed on and off the premises.

Permission was sought to sell after 11pm until 3.30am on Friday night and Saturday night, until 3am on Monday night and Wednesday night and until 2.30am on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday nights.

Ahead of a decision being made, police noted there was “no evidence base to object” but said it was “reasonable to ask for certainty and clarity over the operating schedule to ensure the presence of door supervisors from 11pm, forward on Friday night and Saturday night”.

Public Protection Officer objections related to insufficient measures to “ensure compliance with the licensing objective of preventing public nuisance”.

There were residences close to the back of the property on Lower Street and flats above the shops on the High Street, and it said there was “therefore the potential of noise affecting residents due to the provision of late-night refreshments.”

It was also noted that kitchen extraction fans “can be very noisy up to and after the property’s closing time”.

Concern was also expressed that the noise of customers convening around the premises would also affect residents.

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Following correspondence with the applicant’s lawyer; specific questions were answered “in terms of the air extraction system,” a report noted.

The applicant was also willing to cooperate with the Public Protection Officer, including additional measures to those in the application relating to the licensing objective of preventing public nuisance.

The applicant had also noted mitigating measures within its operating schedule including staff training on preventing antisocial behaviour and use of CCTV with images provided at the request of North Wales Police and Licensing Authority.

Customers acting in an “anti-social manner” would also to be sent away, and police called if problems persisted.

It also proposed to employ door supervisors, would not tolerate threatening behaviour, would ban individuals causing nuisance and would not allow children inside without a a responsible adult after 9pm.

A Cyngor Gwynedd Spokesperson said: “The Cyngor Gwynedd General Licensing Sub-Committee resolved to grant a late night refreshment licence to sell hot food to the premises on condition that the applicant accept additional conditions on its operating schedule in relation to: Police recommendations to employ door supervisors after 11pm on a Friday and Saturday and environmental health additional conditions in relation to the control of public nuisance, namely noise and cooking odours.”