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Porthmadog ice cream vendor granted booze license after coming up with cool compromise

Cyngor Gwynedd

AN ICE cream vendor came to a cool compromise in a bid to sell alcohol in Porthmadog – after a premises licence application sparked fears over child and public safety.

The police had “no evidence to justify an objection” and the appended application was agreed by Cyngor Gwynedd’s central licensing sub-committee, on Friday, April 21.

It followed the applicant’s “willingness to co-operate” over conditions of the application, and giving “satisfactory assurances.”

The application was granted for Cariad Gelato Limited at The Kiosk, Porthmadog by Cariad Gelato Ltd, of Penamser Industrial Estate. The family-run business sells and makes ice cream using an authentic Italian method.

The license had concerned a kiosk with outdoor tables and chairs. The applicant had requested permission to sell alcohol beside its core business.

It wanted customers to be allowed “to enjoy an alcoholic drink within a defined outdoor seating area; or to allow customers to buy alcohol for consumption off the premises.”

The applicants had also called for permission to sell alcohol from 12 noon, until 9pm, every day.

But the licence allowing the selling of alcohol was restricted to accompanying food only, and for sale after 5.30pm.

Objections had been received on grounds over licensing objectives concerning “protection of children from harm” and “public safety.”

The application report described how the main purpose of the business was to produce and sell ice cream. The business and premises attracted a number of children and families as customers.

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“Concern is expressed that permitting the sale of alcohol will encourage and normalise alcohol drinking at premises unsuitable for the purpose,” the application report stated.

“It was also noted that the premises was very close to the children’s play park in the town.”

It was noted there was “an intention to license an area outside the curtilage of the building on the pavement, close to a busy junction on Porthmadog High Street.

“There is concern that this will increase the health and safety risks to the public due to the proximity to a busy junction,” the report said.

A compromise was proposed by the applicant, following a meeting with the police and licensing officer on March 7.

The applicant “completely understood” the concerns of a local member and the Town Council and “agreed a compromise, ” to sell alcohol only after 5:30pm – the period when trade for families and children was over.

Alcohol would be sold with desserts/ice cream only after 5.30pm.

No alcohol would be sold for consumption off the premises, alcohol served would be limited to consumption on the decking area, directly in front of the Kiosk’s serving counter only.

No alcohol would be consumed at the tables on the pavement.

“The police were satisfied an assurance had been given that the ethos of the business would continue to focus on the production and sale of
Italian ice cream to families, rather than the sale of alcohol.”

“It is noted that the police are satisfied with the compromise proposed; and that the applicant had responded positively to the concerns raised and had shown a willingness to cooperate.”

A Cyngor Gwynedd spokesperson said: “At a meeting of the Gwynedd Central Licensing Sub Committee today, Friday, April 21, members approved recommendations to allow the sale of alcohol at the Cariad Gelato ice cream kiosk on Porthmadog High Street.

“So as to retain the family atmosphere of the establishment, the licence allowing the selling of alcohol is restricted… as agreed by the applicant, licensing officers and the police.

“After a meeting with the applicant, the Police Licensing Officer confirmed that the Police had “no evidence to justify an objection.”