ANGLESEY COUNCIL and North Wales Police are working together to tackle problems associated with illegal and irresponsible parking.

With an unprecedented number of people choosing to visit the Island this summer, irresponsible parking in a number of popular areas is now a real cause for concern.

Problems with inconsiderate parking were most recently reported in the Llanbadrig area but similar issues have been seen at numerous other coastal areas around the Island.

Anglesey’s Highways portfolio holder, Councillor Bob Parry, said, “Many Anglesey communities are seeing high numbers of visitors at present, which inevitably means parking problems around popular beaches and other coastal areas.”

“We are working with our partners to encourage motorists to use common sense when visiting Anglesey to keep the area safe for everyone.

“We would ask people to plan their trips in advance, and if a car park is full for them to look for another suitable location; and not to parking on highway verges, private land or blocking gates to fields.”

“There have been various examples this summer of people parking inappropriately, endangering other drivers, cyclists and pedestrians and causing serious access problems for emergency service vehicles, farmers and residents. This is totally unacceptable.

“Our message simply is to enjoy the area but follow the rules, they are there to keep everyone safe. If you ignore the rules, you’re likely to face a fine or your vehicle may be towed away by the authorities.”

Sergeant Ian Roberts, of North Wales Police, added, “We are working closely with our colleagues at Anglesey Council to help reduce the risk to prevent inconsiderate and dangerous parking and the impact this has on walkers, cyclists and other road users.

“The irresponsible and dangerous parking we have witnessed in some areas not only risks lives but also prevents emergency vehicle access.

“Whilst we appreciate that people are getting out and about to enjoy the weather and stunning scenery, we are urging people to be responsible and think about where they park and to make full use of the park and ride facilities that are available nearby.”

“Anybody found to be causing an obstruction could have their vehicle removed at their own expense. Please heed the warning.”