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North Wales MS backs campaign to end period poverty

A MEMBER of the Senedd has backed a campaign to end period poverty and reduce stigma.

Llŷr Gruffydd, who represents North Wales in the Senedd, says period poverty is “an issue that is impacting a significant number of young people across North Wales”.

The Plaid Cymru politician has put his weight behind the Love Your Period campaign, which recently held an event at the Senedd.

He spoke with representatives from Irise International, which is an organisation that advocates for period equality for all.

The event, Every Period Counts: Ending Period Poverty a Stigma in Wales, was sponsored by fellow Plaid Cymru MS, Heledd Fychan.

It brought together young people from across Wales to share their experiences and discuss the necessary changes to end period poverty and stigma for school pupils in Wales.

The aim is to raise awareness of menstrual health and advocate for better access to menstrual products. 

The Love Your Period campaign was founded by Molly Fenton from Cardiff, when she was just 18 years old and studying for her A Levels.

Molly, who has won a St David’s Award for her campaigning work, became inspired by period poverty campaigner Amika George during a period of time off school due to ill health.

She is driven by the lack of guidance she experienced when she was growing up, and is determined to empower girls across the nation through her internationally recognised movement.

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She has bravely shared her own journey with a benign inoperable brain tumour through her blog, and wants to act as the big sister other young women might not have by encouraging conversations about periods, sexuality and health.

Llŷr Gruffydd MS said: “Period poverty is an issue that is impacting a significant number of young people across North Wales.

“Unfortunately it is an issue that has been ignored and unaddressed for far too long because of the stigma involved.

“That is why I am supporting the Love Your Period campaign to end period poverty and stigma for school pupils all over Wales.

“No one who needs sanitary products should be in a situation where they are forced to go without. 

“Everyone who needs these essential items should be able to access them without facing financial burdens or societal stigma.

“I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to speak with representatives from Irise International about the important and award-winning work they are doing in the area of period equality programming and advocacy.

“I would also like to commend the work of Molly Fenton who at such a young age has shifted the conversation in Wales about topics often shrouded in stigma such as periods, sexuality, and health.

“There is a real need for open and honest conversations about young women’s health and Love Your Period has become a sanctuary for girls, where they can find education, resources, and most importantly, a space to be heard and understood.

“It’s vital that young people’s voices are heard on issues that directly affect them. There is clearly a very important educational context to this issue and we need to ensure that there is access to period products in school toilets.”