RSPCA Cymru was flushed with success – after the rescue of a trapped cat from a tiny gap behind a toilet in Mold, North Wales.

The animal welfare charity was alerted after the cat got trapped in a tiny gap underneath pipeworks at a top floor flat at Alyn Meadow in the North Wales town.

Inspector Phil Lewis raced to the scene – and was able to access the stranded moggy by removing plastic paneling from the wall and pulling the cat to freedom. The rescue took place on Sunday 21 November.

Fortunately, though a little hungry and thirsty after the ordeal, there were no welfare concerns for the ginger cat, who could immediately be returned to the owners.

Inspector Phil said: “This cat had somehow squeezed into the tiniest gap – and was stuck fast.

“Thankfully, by removing some plastic panelling, I was able to reach the cat and return this curious moggy to some very relieved owners.

“We often get calls about curious cats stuck in the smallest spaces imaginable – and I’m just glad we were able to come to this animal’s aid and secure another happy ending.”

The RSPCA will be on the frontline throughout the festive season responding to animals in need of assistance.

Inspector Phil added: “As a charity out on the frontline across England and Wales rescuing animals from danger 365 days a year, we are often their only hope. We’re asking people to join the Rescue this Christmas to help bring more animals to safety.”