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Police Now Detective in North Wales brings sex offender to justice

DC James Grimwood

A SEX OFFENDER in North Wales has been brought to justice following a successful six-month investigation led by Detective Constable James Grimwood, a recent graduate of Police Now’s National Detective Programme.

The offender has been unanimously found guilty on two counts of sexual assault and sentenced to 10 years in prison with an extended license of 5 years.

DC Grimwood obtained victim, witness and character statements and reviewed thousands of pages of historic records including social services, medical, school and council records, to corroborate the accounts and identify the suspect.

DC Grimwood joined North Wales Police in 2019 via Police Now’s National Detective Programme, after working in the hospitality industry for 10 years. He has also served in the Army Reserves since 2018, which he continues to do alongside his detective career.

DC James Grimwood said: “Since joining the programme, I have investigated complex crimes in my role within the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) as well as within the force’s dedicated rape investigation unit.

DC James Grimwood and former ACC Sacha Hatchett (Credit – North Wales Police)

“This particular case, which I took on during my first few months in CID, was a historic sexual assault case whereby the victim had reported to police that he was sexually abused by a man when he was a child.

“The victim could only remember the offender’s nickname, as well as an address where he used to live. With this small amount of information about the offender, I was able to track down the man, interview and investigate him.

“This horrific abuse has understandably had a lasting impact on the victim and he was brave in reporting this to the police.

“Despite moving from my role in CID into a new team, I have retained the investigations I took on throughout each department to ensure a consistent service to the victim. I am glad that, with support from my colleagues, I am able to make an impact in my role as a detective and ensure that victims of crime receive the justice and support they deserve.”

Detective Sergeant Anne-Louise Jones, who worked alongside DC Grimwood in CID, said: “As part of the Police Now programme, James joined the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) following his Response Officer phase. He was supported throughout this time by a tutor to develop his skills as a detective, which involved dealing with complex cases that had vulnerable victims and witnesses. In the case he has quoted, the victim was very brave to come forward to report this matter and I am pleased that James was able to bring the offender to justice. This has hopefully provided the victim with some closure.”

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Applications for Police Now’s National Detective Programme are now open.

The two-year programme places graduates in forces across England and Wales to support victims of crime as detective constables. Participants play an integral role in solving crimes while developing their leadership, communication and problem-solving skills.