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Conwy North Wales

Welsh Water “Do not have any plans” to stop human excrement contamination

The Afon Llugwy in North Wales

WELSH WATER “do not have plans” to prevent human excrement overflowing from a manhole cover on the A5 at Capel Curig, running down a main road and flowing into a stream.

The victorian sewerage system is quickly overwhelmed by rain which results in “lumps of excrement and toilet paper” being carried into fields as well as into the Afon Llugwy, which leads into the River Conwy.

Although this contamination has been going on for 20 years, Welsh Water have no plans to rectify the problem, which has caused anger in the local community.

Local councillor Liz Roberts said: “We’ve reported it and reported it to Dwr Cymru [Welsh Water], and all they say is ‘it’s only a hamlet’ and ‘we don’t get enough reports coming in to go to the top of the list to be actioned.

“We are told they are Victorian drains, so they fill up very quickly.” Cllr Roberts continued.

“But the main sewer that comes down into the village is nine inches wide but goes into a six-inch pipe heading to the treatment works, and they know that is what the problem is. 

“The sewage raises the lid off the manhole. It is disgusting. There are lumps of poo all over the place, and you can see it in the field as well.”

Despite the locals understandable environmental and health concerns, a Welsh Water spokesperson said: “As we operate a vast network of over 36,000km of sewers – which is enough to stretch to Australia and back – we have to prioritise our investment and work with other agencies to support those areas most at risk of flooding. 

“This includes those areas where the local sewer networks get overwhelmed by extreme weather and flooding enters the homes of customers. 

“As a result, while we do not have plans to undertake any work on the system in Capel Curig in the short term, we will keep this situation under review.” 

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