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Esteemed author and Shakespeare academic to complete time-travel trilogy following book success

AN ESTEEMED academic and author is planning the third in a series of popular novels about a time-travelling psychotherapist and his Shakespearian exploits.

One of the foremost authorities on Elizabethan drama, and a respected theatre critic, Professor Michael Kerr Scott is the founding Vice Chancellor of Wrexham University.

Previously a Pro Vice-Chancellor at De Montfort University in Leicester, he is now a Fellow and Senior Dean at Blackfriars Hall, Oxford, and Director of the Future of the Humanities Project with Georgetown University, Washington.

Despite being busier than ever, Professor Scott – who has written numerous texts on Shakespeare – has turned his hand to fiction and received glowing praise for his first two offerings – Hamlet and the Psychotherapist, and The Scottish King: Macbeth and the Psychotherapist.

The stories follow the exploits of 21st-century psychotherapist Jacob Fortune, who is not a huge fan of Shakespeare and even cynical about his very existence.

Through virtual reality, the author takes us back in time as Jacob attempts to change the narrative of Shakespeare’s most famous play Hamlet. The adventures unfold and there are lashings of history, culture, romance and comedy to unpack.

Given the positive response to the concept – with both books selling well in the UK and overseas – Professor Scott is working on part three of the genre.

He said: “After many years of writing and editing academic books, it was a departure for me, exploring the world of fiction, but I love the freedom it gives me to make Shakespeare fun and accessible to a wider audience.

“Using my knowledge of the subject, and driven by the central character, it also acts as an introduction to several of Shakespeare’s other plays and brings a contemporary twist to his work.

“It’s light-hearted and there are surprises throughout, with some serious messages in there as well – I’m thrilled with how well it’s been received by readers.”

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Professor Scott added: “I had the idea some time ago, but it was during the pandemic, when everything stopped suddenly, that I managed to sit down and write Hamlet and the Psychotherapist.

“The Scottish King: Macbeth and the Psychotherapist came to me quite quickly but it’s the third and final instalment – I had always wanted to write a trilogy – that will probably cause the biggest stir.

“It is entitled Shakespeare, Sex and the Psychotherapist – given his colourful love life. There are many strands to that and as previously I’ll blend humour with historical events, with Jacob taking the lead role!

“Hopefully, people will like this one just as much, we shall wait and see.”

With decades of experience as a scholar and leading voice in higher education – at home and on the international stage – Professor Scott is more active and prolific than ever.

Delivering lectures nationwide and at theatres and drama studios for students, he is also attracting audiences globally via a series of YouTube videos for Georgetown University’s Global Georgetown platform on a wide range of topics, from free speech to reinterpreting history in a modern world.

A proud father and grandfather, and with the support of wife Maggie, he is also director of Oxford Scott Education, holds the Order of Merit from Bauman Moscow State Technical University, and was chair of UNESCO Wales, among many other roles, receiving countless plaudits.

Other publications include Arthur: Legends of the King; Shakespeare: A Complete Introduction; Shakespeare’s Tragedies: All That Matters; Shakespeare’s Comedies: All That Matters (2014); The Changeling: A Critical Study, and John Marston’s Plays: Theme, Structure and Performance (1978).

“I don’t believe in slowing down, or standing still, because there is so much to do,” he said.

“I have many ideas for future books, academic and fiction, and I’m sure there will be more adventures for Jacob Fortune – watch this space!”

For more information and to purchase the books visit: Hamlet and the Psychotherapist: A Novel: Amazon.co.uk: Scott, Michael Kerr: 9781915115041: Books and The Scottish King: Macbeth and the Psychotherapist – A Novel: Amazon.co.uk: Scott, Michael Kerr: 9781915115331: Books.  

You can also follow him on social media: on Facebook as Michael Kerr Scott and LinkedIn as Professor Michael Scott