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Fundraiser launched for young girl determined to fight Leukaemia

A fundraising appeal has been launched to help a young girl recently diagnosed with Leukaemia and her family.

Seirian Richards, aged seven, is a fighter – achieving the red stripe in at Ady Jones Tae Kwon Do Academy at a young age.

However Seirian and her parents, Amanda and Chris, are now facing their biggest fight..

After feeling under the weather and complaining of aching and muscle pains for a few weeks, Seirian was taken to the doctor’s, where she was told she had a muscle virus.

However when she continued to feel unwell, her mum Amanda decided enough was enough and took her back to see her GP.

After undergoing blood tests and being blue lighted to Alder Hay Hospital, Seirian and her family were told that she had Leukaemia – a cancer which affects your white blood cells.

Within days of being transfer to Alder Hay hospital Seirian has undergone more tests ahead of starting a 25-month long journey of treatment to fight the disease.

Seirian is determined to fight the Leukaemia and has said that the “Taekwondo Chemo Ninjas are going to defeat the Leukemians “

A fundraiser for Seirian, who has been described by those who know her as a “positive young lady and amazes us all with her strength and determination” and her family to get them through this difficult time.

Friends of the family say they want to raise funds to give Seirian “something to look forward to once she has defeated this disease”, as well as helping her parents along the way.

You can donate to the fundraiser to support Seirian and her family through this difficult time, here.