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Golf club captains’ raise £3,500 for all-Wales Charity

Susan Falcus, Mick McHugh with Debra Sima

A WREXHAM golf club Captains have raised £3,500 for the Wales Air Ambulance following a successful year of fundraising.

Susan Falcus and Mick McHugh chose to raise funds for the lifesaving charity during their term as club captains for Clays Golf Club.

The Wales Air Ambulance operates 24/7 throughout Wales, the Charity needs to raise £11.2 million every year to keep the helicopters flying and its rapid response vehicles on the road. 

Susan said: “Both Mick McHugh and I selected this Charity as we are both aware of how important this service is to North Wales, an area comprising of both coastline, mountainous regions, rural areas and many country roads which in the event of an accident would require access to enhanced medical services. 

“We both know of people who have experienced this outstanding service and who owe their lives to the Wales Air Ambulance. We are delighted that we have been able to support this Charity.”

Throughout the year the funds were raised through a variety of different initiatives, including a charity golf day, various raffles and by placing a collection box in the club reception which was accessible for both members and visitors to make donations as appropriate.

During other club competition days and golf open events, beverages and snacks were available on the course for a donation to the Wales Air Ambulance. Members also made personal donations to the lifesaving cause.

Member Angela Thomas Williams independently organised a golfing marathon, which was supported by Susan, Mick and other members. The golfing marathon comprised of playing golf continuously over 72 holes, which started early in the morning and was completed during the evening.

Susan added: “This was very well supported by participation of our members and donations further benefitted through Gift Aid.”

Wales Air Ambulance’s Regional Fundraising Manager, Debra Sima, was delighted to be invited to the golf club’s annual dinner to receive the cheque from the captains.

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Debra said: “A huge thank you to Mick and Susan for raising an incredible amount for our cause.  As well as the Captains, Clays Golf Club members all played their own part in making it a successful year of fundraising for the club. Raising £3,500 is amazing and we can’t thank you enough for your support of our charity. It was lovely to attend the dinner and receive the cheque from Mick and Susan.

“A big thank you too, to those who have generously donated, every penny counts – it ensures we can keep our helicopters in the sky and rapid response vehicles on the road throughout Wales.”

The air ambulance service in Wales is delivered via a unique Third Sector and Public Sector partnership. The Emergency Medical Retrieval and Transfer Service (EMRTS) supplies highly skilled NHS consultants and critical care practitioners who work on board the charity’s vehicles.

Susan said: “We were both delighted to have raised over £3,500 and are extremely grateful for the generosity of our members during the year. At our annual dinner we were delighted to invite Debra Sima and her colleague as our guest and proud to then be able to present the cheque to the Charity. The support and engagement of the Charity was acknowledged and gratefully received.”