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HMO plan recommended for approval to Wrexham Council

A RESIDENTIAL property in Wrexham city centre looks set to be become a house of multiple occupation (HMO).
Wrexham Council’s planning committee is to consider an application to change the use of a four-bedroom property on Bersham Road.
Ahead of the meeting objections have been raised by Offa Community Council but the plans have been recommended for approval.
The community council has concerns about the volume of HMO’s already in the area and a lack of parking nearby.
Councillors will consider a planning officer report which touches on some of the concerns.
According to the report, even if the application is approved the area is still below the maximum threshold for HMO properties – and that there will be no increase in the number of bedrooms at the property as a result of the changes.
The report states: “The existing property has four bedrooms, small front garden and an existing rear amenity area comprising a small area of hardstanding and a larger grassed area.
“The application seeks approval for the change of use of the dwelling to a HMO. The internal layout would largely remain the same, with four bedrooms, a small study and bathroom on the first floor and living, dining and kitchen space with a small shower room on the ground floor.
“At present seven per cent of the residential properties within 50 metres of the site are currently in use as HMOs.
“This would increase to eight per cent if this application is approved. This would fall below the 10 per cent threshold therefore the proposal would not result in an overconcentration of HMOs in this area in compliance with Policy H4 and LPGN5.
“The number of bedrooms at the property would not increase as a result on this application, therefore the potential movement of people and vehicles associated with the property is unlikely to change. There are no external alterations proposed. Taking this into account it is unlikely that the proposal would result in a loss of amenity to neighbouring properties.”
Wrexham Council’s planning committee will make a decision on the application when it meets on Monday (January 9).