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Labour Battlebus disrupted in Wrexham

THREE YOUTH Demand supporters have disrupted Keir Starmer’s election battle bus. They are demanding a two-way arms embargo on Israel and for the incoming UK government to halt all new oil and gas licences granted since 2021. [1]

At around 9:15am the group climbed onto the battle bus as it was parked up for Labour’s campaign rally in Wrexham. The group stood on the roof of the bus holding Palastinian flags and a banner reading ‘Youth Demand an End to Genocide’. They could be heard chanting “Keir Starmer you can’t hide, we charge you with genocide!” and “Free Palestine!”

One of those taking action this morning is Alex Thornton, 20, a student from Falmouth, who said: “I’m taking this action because I think that labour is failing the young people of this country and beyond, due to its decision not to take a side against genocide and a lacklustre few promises to start putting the breaks on the impending climate collapse. 

“Politics has failed. Our two party system has given us a choice between an actively genocidal party and a slightly less actively genocidal party. I refuse to sit by as we ‘lesser evil” ourselves into fascism.”

Another of those taking action this morning is Jazz, 22, a support worker from Manchester who said: “I cannot remain silent whilst our government continues to fuel genocide in Palestine and with the climate crisis. Both the Tories and Labour have shown that they don’t give a shit about those suffering in Palestine and in the global south. Their lack of humanity is disgusting. 

“By voting Labour you are still voting for a party that refuses to stop buying and selling weapons with Israel. We refuse to inherit a world of suffering, Labour will not get away with their inhumanity. We cannot vote our way out of this – we must act!”

Also taking action is Chester Powell, 23, a student from Leeds, who said: “The Labour Party refuses to call for an end to the buying and selling of arms with Israel, arms that are being used to enact a genocide. We can’t vote our way out of this problem so I’m taking part in civil disobedience to force necessary change. 

“How can I have a hope for the future when the people in power only seem to be concerned with winning the next election. I can’t have hope that either of the major parties have any interest representing ordinary people over big business. Neither seems to show any empathy for the Palestinians as they are slaughtered in the thousands, so young people like myself must show them what having a spine looks like.”

Young people will not accept the lesser of two evils. Young people all over the country are coming together to resist. It’s time to step into action at https://youthdemand.org.