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Paul Mullin: Football club bans political message

Paul Mullin, a striker for Wrexham, cannot wear his boots with the insulting phrase criticising the Conservative Party anymore.

Mullin, now 27 years old, posted photos of himself at the club’s Racecourse Ground on social media showing off his new custom-made footwear.

Wrexham, owned by Hollywood actors Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, claimed the photos were shot without their permission.

The National League franchise has declared its “neutral position” on political matters.

They continued, “the issue will be dealt with privately.”

“The club can confirm that the boots revealed by Paul Mullin on social media will not be worn tonight, or in any other Wrexham AFC fixture, and that the photographs taken at the Racecourse Ground were done so without our knowledge or approval,” the statement read.

“For the record, the pictures wouldn’t have been permitted to be taken, had we known, and the issue will be dealt with privately by the club.

“The club has adopted a neutral position on many matters with a political dimension and intends to continue to do so going forward.

“The club also acknowledge that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, whether that be employees or supporters but would also highlight that an individual view cannot be fairly attributed, as the view of everyone or the club itself.

“There is no more prominent example of this than the fact that the MP for the constituency within which the club is found, is a Conservative seat.

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“After this unwelcome distraction, the club hopes the focus remains on our objectives of gaining promotion on the field and creating community benefit off it, in which Paul Mullin will continue to play a significant part.”

In a statement, Atherton said Mullin’s boots reflected “the view of one individual rather than the club as a whole”.

The MP added: “Players might not be aware of the hard work that is going on behind the scenes for the betterment of the club, the community and the fans, which I am working tirelessly alongside the club and others to deliver.

“I am extremely grateful for the club’s speedy response in dealing with this matter and we can now draw a line under this.

“I know that we will continue working closely together and I look forward to supporting Wrexham AFC wholeheartedly going forward.”

Mullin became arguably the most eye-catching signing so far during Wrexham’s Hollywood era when he signed from Cambridge United in July 2021.

The Liverpool-born forward has scored 11 goals in 14 appearances this season, having been named National League player of the year last season after scoring 30 times in all competitions.