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Residents invited to attend closing ceremony for the Knife Angel

Tomorrow night, on the 26th of October, at 7:30 pm, there will be a candlelit service to commemorate the end of the Knife Angel’s run.
Since early October, visitors to Queens Square have been able to see the sculpture, which is created from more than one hundred thousand confiscated knives and weapons from police forces around the United Kingdom.

It has travelled the country to raise awareness about the harm that is done by violence and crime, particularly knife crime.
Even though the Knife Angel, or National Monument Against Violence and Aggression, will be on display in the downtown area until the end of the month, a candlelight service will be held at the sculpture tomorrow night (October 26).

The audience is encouraged to attend the 6 o’clock event with a battery-operated tea light candle or a flashlight.
As part of the ceremony, we will also light up the Knife Angel.

People from all around Wrexham have been flocking to the sculpture ever since it was unveiled. Some victim groups of knife violence travelled to the city’s core just to observe it, and they were profoundly impacted by it.

Many high school and college students have attended our knife crime classes, and we’ve heard nothing but excellent comments from them.

“The Knife Angel leaves us on 1 November to begin its trip to Gwent, but Wrexham’s tale will continue,” stated a representative from Wrexham Council.

The Knife Angel’s legacy will be the continuous involvement of partner organisations like the police and youth services in talking to young people about knife crime in a way that is both respectful and productive.

At the Bersham Road campus of Coleg Cambria, work continues on our own Knife Dragon, which is about a third complete and already stands over two metres. “The Dragon is being made using weapons safely handed in at local police stations as part of regional amnesty campaigns and may eventually contain knives that were handed in during the Knife Angel’s visit.
It will be finished by next summer and put on display on campus.