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Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney left with bill after torrential rain causes flooding at the Racecourse

Flash flooding hit Wrexham following heavy rain and thunderstorms

WREXHAMS AFC’s Racecourse Ground faced a sudden disruption on Father’s Day when part of the stadium was evacuated due to severe flooding caused by torrential rain. The incident occurred amidst a Met Office yellow warning for thunderstorms covering the entirety of Wales and a significant portion of England.

The evacuation took place in the 1864 Suite restaurant, where diners were enjoying their Father’s Day meals. A substantial leak occurred inside the Macron Stand reception area, forcing the immediate evacuation of all customers. Disturbing video footage circulating on social media showed individuals navigating through rising rainwater as they exited the building. The visuals also revealed sections of the ceiling scattered across the floor, emphasizing the extent of the damage.

In response to the incident, Wrexham AFC issued a statement on Sunday, acknowledging the evacuation and the structural damage caused by the torrential rain. The statement read, “Wrexham AFC can confirm the 1864 Suite was evacuated during the third sitting of today’s Father’s Day meals at the Racecourse Ground. In the wake of the torrential rain that hit the region late this afternoon, some structural damage has resulted in a large leak inside the Macron Stand reception area.”

Safety concerns were the primary factor in evacuating all diners from the suite, with the fire and rescue services promptly notified. Fortunately, everyone present in the stand at the time was successfully evacuated, ensuring their well-being. Wrexham AFC has expressed its intention to contact all guests who were part of the affected sitting, sharing their disappointment over the unforeseen circumstances that disrupted the evening’s plans. The club’s statement further noted, “We will assess the situation in the Macron Stand, to ensure we can get everything back up and running as soon as possible.”

As the club begins the process of repairing the damage caused by the flooding, it is anticipated that the financial burden will fall on club owners Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney. The scale of the repairs could result in a hefty bill, which the owners will need to address in order to rectify the structural damage inflicted by the torrential rain.

The incident at Wrexham AFC’s Racecourse Ground serves as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of weather and its potential to disrupt even the most anticipated events. The club and its owners will now work towards restoring the affected area to ensure the smooth running of future activities at the stadium.