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Second police fixture strengthens community links in Wrexham

WREXHAM TOWN POLICE STATION FC’S efforts to build bridges with the wider community continue apace.

Playing only their second fixture against local sides, the officers emerged with a narrow 2-1 victory against Wrexham Inclusion at Colliers Park on Saturday.

The final score was secondary to the officers’ overarching aim; to forge stronger relations with everyone within the town they serve.

Sgt Dave Smith, who founded the newly-created police side, said: “It was another great day against a really competitive side.

“When we looked for opponents to play, we reached out to organisations who embody the best of the town.

“We wanted teams who champion diversity, who welcome players from all backgrounds, and who use football as a force for good within the Wrexham community.

“Bellevue, who we played in the first friendly, were a great example of that with their history of helping people from adverse backgrounds to thrive.

“As their name suggests, Wrexham Inclusion go the extra mile too with their inclusivity policies that make sure everyone gets the chance to enjoy the game no matter what their background.

“As officers we’re just so grateful to these organisations for agreeing to the fixtures and playing these games in the right spirit.

“I hope these games have helped to shape people’s perceptions of Wrexham officers and made a positive difference in terms of how people view the police as an organisation and the work they do.

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“We also have to thank Colliers Park and the FAW for hosting us, the Wrecsam 2025 team for their backing of the games, ORB streaming services and Calon FM for broadcasting support, and the Saltney events medical team who provided voluntary support.”

The Officers return to action at Colliers Park on Saturday, 5 March in a game against Wrexham side Yellow and Blue.