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The Wrexham Lager Beer Co brings back original pilsener

IF YOU LIKE beers with a backstory then look no further than The Wrexham Lager Beer Co’s original premium pilsener which has relaunched this month.

Once a staple on the shelves of Harrods, the only lager chosen for the Titanic and served in some of the most prestigious hotels, this clean premium pilsener style lager features subtle floral hop aromas, is a beautiful golden amber and delivers on the palate with a smooth bitterness. 

And whilst the pilsener may come in a bottle with a fresh, new look, it has been produced using the historical original recipe that brought it fame all those decades ago.

The 4.6% pilsener style lager comes in a 330ml bottle and is brewed using a mix of premium imported German malts and the famous Wrexham water, giving the beer a consistent blend of subtle malty notes and a crisp, smooth and refreshing taste.

Founded in 1881 by German immigrants The Wrexham Lager Beer Co is the oldest lager brewery in Great Britain. The family run business continues to produce its high-quality lager in the heart of Wrexham and its pilsener is conditioned for a minimum of four weeks, ensuring it is created to the highest standard.

The Wrexham Lager Beer Co has also been a key sponsor of Wrexham AFC since the 1990s, with the football club now famously under the ownership of Hollywood legends Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney.

The Pilsener is available now and can be purchased direct from the Wrexham Lager website or from select retailers.

Wrexham Lager is a subtly hopped lager with a clean aroma. Light, refreshing and easy to drink.

Available in 330ml bottles, 440ml cans and 5L Keg from Wrexham Lager.

Wrexham Export is an impeccably balanced malt and hop characteristics resulting in a fresh, crisp taste on the palate. Deceptively smooth for its strength and full flavour.

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Available in 330ml bottles and 440ml cans from Wrexham Larger.