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Wrexham to be powered up by three energy projects

Leading power generation specialist, YLEM Energy has recently commissioned three projects across Wrexham, which will see over 23 MW of energy produced and used to power local businesses or fed into the National Grid.

Earlier in 2023, YLEM Energy partnered with Wrexham-based Marlin Industries, to install a bespoke 328kWp Solar PV system, specifically designed to match Marlin Industries’ load requirements. The system will help to reduce the companies’ COemissions by over 62 tonnes each year, and deliver savings of £1.5 million in energy costs.

Alongside helping other businesses cut down their carbon emissions, YLEM Energy is developing its own gas peaker plant. The plant, which is currently under construction, will deliver 3.4MW of electricity to balance the fluctuating power in the electricity network and operate during periods of high demand or shortfall.

Renewable energy generation in the UK has grown from just 3% in 2002, to 42% in 2022, however, renewable energy generation can often fluctuate. Hydrogen-ready peakers can step in to provide much needed electricity when renewable energy generation is down.

YLEM Energy is also responsible for the safe running of Terra Firma Energy’s 20MW gas peeker facility at Miners Road in Llay. The site consists of nine Caterpillar CG170 series generating units (2.3 MW each), and as with YLEM Energy’s gas-peakers, each unit provides electricity to the grid in times of high demand or shortfall.

Commenting on the company’s activity in Wrexham, YLEM Energy MD, Ian Gadsby said: “It is fantastic to have worked on not one, but three projects in Wrexham over the past year. There has been a considerable amount of investment into the north-west of the UK in recent years, and there is a fantastic opportunity to establish the area as a clean-energy hub.”