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Wrexham set to regain ownership of Racecourse stadium on takeover anniversary

Wrexham co-chairmen Ryan Reynolds and Rory McElhenney have announced they plan to regain ownership of the Racecourse stadium one year after their takeover.

Wrexham Glyndywr University currently own the grounds, but advanced talks from the chairmen have led to a purchase set for before April.

It has been one year since the Hollywood duo took control of the National League side, with major moves already made from the pair for the club.

Wrexham have not owned their grounds’ freehold since 2011, when Glyndywr University took control.

Back in June 2021, the stars announced that regaining ownership of the Racecourse stadium was a top priority.

In summer last year, they said: “An application for public sector funding support has been made by the Council.

“And we have agreed to make a significant financial contribution to make it happen, which would also see the return of the freehold of the Racecourse Ground to the club’s ownership.

The stadium is the oldest ground in the world still hosting international football games.

There are talks regarding a renovation of the Kop – apart of the greater Wrexham Gateway Project.

1 year anniversary

Back in early 2020, Wrexham were approached about a potential change in ownership.

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In September of the same year, it was revealed the investors were Hollywood stars Ryan Reynolds and Rory McElhenney.

On February 9th 2021, Wrexham’s Hollywood takeover was complete after a year of talks and progression from Reynolds and McElhenney

This took the world by storm, with 98% of fans in favour of the swap of ownership.

Upon the takeover, the actors/producers invested £2 million immediately into the club.

The rest is history, and the future is bright!