MEMBERS of a society of people who act non-violently for the Welsh language and Welsh communities gathered at the summit of Crib Goch on Aug 17. 

The group is part of the international revolution for rights and freedoms. 

Members of Cymdeithas climbing Crib Goch

7 members of Cymdeithas climbed to the summit of Crib Goch and presented a banner stating “Wales is not for sale”. They climbed the dangerous mountain to aim to show that our Welsh-speaking communities are in danger.

After seven long hours of nervous waiting, photos were finally sent of the group atop the mountain. 

“Wales is not for sale” – Photo by Martin Cavaney

On their twitter account, they posted the images along with the caption “Our members at the summit of Crib Goch today ♥ ️

“Unlike climbing a mountain, solving the housing crisis would not be a difficult task – but @LlywodraethCym needs to take action now.

“If you would like to join our campaign to secure the future of Welsh communities, please join us: “ 

After seven hours, photos of the group were finally sent

They also wrote: “You don’t have to climb a mountain to be part of our campaign – everyone has their part to play. But if you like doing this sort of thing, it would be great if you joined us! 

“Also, join us at the steps of Parliament on 13 November: “