HELEN MARY JONES is Plaid’s candidate for Llanelli.

After returning to public life from academia at Swansea University in 2018, she became a Regional List Member for Mid and West Wales.

Helen Mary Jones has a long track record in Llanelli’s elections.

Against all expectations, she won the seat in the 1999 election to the first Welsh Assembly. She sat as a Regional AM from 2003-2007 (losing Llanelli by 21 votes that year) before regaining the seat at 2007’s election.

Helen Mary Jones very narrowly lost Llanelli in 2011 (by 80 votes) and suffered another narrow loss in 2016 to Lee Waters.

Since her return to frontline politics, Helen Mary Jones has been a constant presence on Plaid’s frontbench.

Always a formidable campaigner, the outcome of the battle between Lee Waters and Helen Mary Jones challenger could show the way Wales will go after May’s election.