WELSH Conservatives have called for the Senedd to be lit up in the colours of the Ukrainian flag to demonstrate Wales’ solidarity and unity with Ukraine.

An unprovoked attack on a sovereign nation cannot be tolerated, and, while Wales cannot act directly, it is vital that democratic institutions across the world show support for partners in Ukraine.

Welsh Conservative and Shadow Minister, Samuel Kurtz MS, said:

“Putin’s Russia is behaving like a bully, and all bullies must be stood up to. The UK and our allies must respond decisively and use every means possible to support Ukraine.

“Ukrainian sovereignty has been violated and innocent civilians will be killed by Russia’s desire for conflict.  While Wales cannot do anything directly, it is vital that we demonstrate our solidarity with Ukraine and our commitment to democracy across the world.

“This is a bleak day in Europe’s history. We must all work to preserve the freedom, democracy and sovereignty of Ukraine.”