Alistair Cameron, Welsh Liberal Democrat Senedd Candidate for Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire is calling for £1 billion to be invested in Wales each year to tackle global warming, provide new jobs and Put Recovery First.

This will include investing in renewable energy off the West Wales coast such as offshore
wind and wave power which will provide local jobs.

It will also include supporting energy saving homes such as new homes being built in Monkton, Pembroke.

After visiting the new homes at Monkton, Alistair said: “These homes have solar panels and underfloor heating as well as a charging point for an electric vehicle. They will save the home owners money and the owners will be able to sell the surplus electricity back to the grid.

“The builder receives no assistance from the Welsh Government and therefore can only afford to build a few houses at a time and sell them to pay for the next houses.

“With some assistance from the Welsh Government, this builder would be able to build energy efficient homes quicker, employ more staff and get the wheels of our economy turning again. We must put recovery first.”