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Rugby legend Jonathan Davies condemns crisis and calls for reform

Jonathan Davies has publicly criticized the current crisis engulfing Welsh rugby, deeming it “scandalous” and attributing it to a lack of trust among those in charge of the sport.

The Wales legend is appalled by the situation and although he thinks the Wales v England game will still take place, he has called for sweeping reform throughout the game following a “disastrous” few months.

During a recent episode of The Rugby Pod, he expressed his view that the situation is unacceptable, as players cannot be expected to perform when promised finances are yet to be sorted, even after several months since the promises were made prior to Christmas.

“They are serious about it and hopefully they can all get around a table and get it sorted ASAP. Everybody wants the game to go ahead and I’m sure all the players would but unfortunately, they have been caught up in a situation. It’s not a great reflection on Welsh rugby and the WRU and they have had a disastrous last couple of months.

“The problem is the union doesn’t trust the regions, the regions don’t trust the union and I don’t think the regions trust each other. That has always been an issue and if you have got five parts to this, they should work in harmony for everyone to get better because they need the grassroots, they need the regions, and then all of a sudden you have got Wales. For me, it’s the union’s fault that it has come to this.”