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Aberafan and Maesteg elections 2024: How the night played out

Stephen Kinnock Of Aberafan Maesteg Celebrates Election Victory With His Wife (Pic: Lewis Smith)

THE LABOUR Party has been named as the winner of the Aberafan Maesteg constituency in the 2024 election, winning a massive share of the vote.

Stephen Kinnock who was previously the MP for Aberavon before the review of constituency boundaries in Wales, has been elected as the new MP with a total of 17,838 votes.

The election saw 32 MPs voted in to represent Wales, after a recent review into the size and boundaries for constituencies undertaken by the Local Democracy and Boundary Commission for Wales.

How the night played out: 

10.18 pm – The ballots have arrived at Neath sports centre where the counts for two constituencies will be held, for both Aberafan and Maesteg, and Neath and Swansea East. Expectations are that declarations of results will be made between 4 and 4.30am

11.10pm – Captain Beany of Aberavon says whatever the results tonight, this will be his last campaign. He said: “I’ll be honest I’ve been running in elections since the 1990’s, and I’ve ‘bean’ there and done it all now so this will be my last time. I’m really excited for tonight though and I’m feeling more confident than ever so you never know what can happen.”

1.39 am– Voting figures for the Aberafan Maesteg constituency have just been revealed with a turnout of 49.37% an overall of 35,834 votes. It comes from a total of 72,580 who were eligible to vote this year.

1.50 am –Labour candidate Stephen Kinnock who is expected to win the seat in Aberafan and Maesteg said: “I’m really proud of the campaign that we’ve run. I think we’ve sent some clear messages to the country about the sort of government that we want to be and we’ve sent some clear messages in Aberafan Maesteg about the kind of constituency MP that I want to be.

“I want to carry on standing up and fighting for the steel works, and carry on doing my community out-reach events. We’ve worked hard through the last five years and during this campaign and I think we’re seeing the results of that, but fingers crossed. Obviously the exit poll is one thing but we really need to see these seats coming in to be absolutely sure of the results.”

3.09 am – Mark Griffiths is the Reform candidate for Aberafan and Maesteg and said: “At the moment the night is going exactly as I was expecting. We always knew that Labour was going to be a massive landslide but anything more than six seats is an absolute victory for us.

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“We had an empty seat in Aberafan and Maesteg, and there was a lot of people who wanted to vote Reform so I stood there. For me right now I think I’m looking at second place and finishing as runner up.”

4 am – A winner has been announced in the Aberafan Maesteg constituency with Stephen Kinnock of the Labour party winning the seat with a total of 17,838 votes.

Ballots Arriving In Neath Sports Centre (Pic: Lewis Smith)

Full results for Aberafan Maesteg

  • Captain Beany (Independent) – 618
  • Colin Deere (Plaid Cymru) – 4,719
  • Justin Griffiths (Lib Dem) 916
  • Mark Griffiths (Reform UK) 7,484
  • Nigel Hill (Green Party) 1,094
  • Stephen Kinnock (Labour) 17,838
  • Abigail Mainon (Conservatives) 2,903
  • Rhiannon Morrissey (Heritage Party) 183

After winning the seat Stephen Kinnock said: “It’s a great privilege to represent this amazing constituency of Aberafan Maesteg. It was a very good result this evening. I know that there’s a huge amount of work to do now as Labour will form a government and we have to role up our sleeves and get stuck in. It’s about delivering for the people of Aberafan Maesteg, for the people of Wales and for the United Kingdom.

“It’s been a very long journey to get to where we are today. It’s been 27 years since Labour won from opposition. It’s a once in a generation opportunity for us. We have to take it with both hands and we have to deliver for the British people.”