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Bridgend nightclub to stay open despite calls for it to lose its licence 

Eden Nightclub Bridgend (Pic: Google Maps)

A POPULAR town centre nightclub in Bridgend is set to remain open this month, despite requests from South Wales Police for the owners to have their licence revoked.

The application to remove the licence from Eden nightclub, based in the town centre on Market Street, Bridgend, was first heard at a Licensing Committee Meeting held by the local authority on October 5.

It followed what was described by South Wales Police as “serious concerns” over the CCTV conditions that were required by the owners of the bar, after a number of incidents where requests for CCTV footage were said to have been ignored, resulting in a waste of police time.

As a result, South Wales Police requested the local authority remove the licence from the premises, adding that if members were not minded to do this, they would like to see alterations made, such as a cut back in opening hours at the property.

Solicitors speaking on behalf of the owners at Eden nightclub said they accepted they had not delivered to the standard required, however they assured members that the review process had caused them to reflect on the issue, stating that the “penny had dropped,” and they didn’t expect another chance.

They went on to say that the failures were not because they hadn’t provided CCTV footage to the police at all, but because they had not provided it to them quickly, adding that since the review began there had been an overhaul to the CCTV system in the bar, with training provided to members of staff on how to use it.

This led to a decision from the committee that it would allow the nightclub to remain open provided it met a number of conditions.

These include making sure all members of staff are trained to download CCTV images, that cameras and equipment are maintained and in good working order, and that footage is handed to a police officer within 72 hours of a lawful demand.

The decision record from the local authority read: “The Sub-Committee have determined that Licence holders have breached their licensing conditions which relates to CCTV which has undermined the prevention of crime and disorder and public safety.”

It added: “The Sub-Committee have determined that every member of staff at the premises must be trained on downloading the CCTV images, in order that if Police attend the premises and require the footage then every member of staff should be able to produce them on demand.”

Other conditions have been added to the licence, such as making sure the recording equipment is kept in a secure environment, with a log of the training and the names of staff who have been trained given to the police and the licensing department of the council. It also added that all new members of staff must be trained within 21 days of commencing employment at the premises.