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Welsh Government land deal for regeneration in Porthcawl

THE DEVELOPMENT of land on Porthcawl’s waterfront took a step closer last week, after the Welsh Government confirmed it purchased parcels of land in the seafront area.

The announcement came after Welsh ministers confirmed they had secured the ownership of sections of land based on a 20 hectare site, at the heart of the area for Bridgend Council’s regeneration in Porthcawl.

The sale includes the Coney Beach Amusement Park site and the adjoining section of land known locally as the monster park. It is now expected that the amusement park, which has been a popular feature in the town for more than 100 years, will continue to run for up to three years before any work starts.

The land located at Sandy Bay, will now be used as part of the proposed mixed-use development in the area that is expected to feature a new housing estate, retail business facilities, a new primary school, and a number of recreational and leisure opportunities.

It will also see the area of Griffin Park increased in size and altered, with a road system running through the lower section of the park where the tennis courts are currently based.

A spokesperson for Bridgend council said: “With the two sites now unlocked for significant new development, Welsh Government and Bridgend County Borough Council will work in partnership to regenerate the area in line with the Local Development Plan and the Placemaking Strategy for Porthcawl.

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“As part of the ambitious new plans for the area, Griffin Park will double in size. Access to the beach will be improved, and new retail, business and visitor facilities will be introduced along with a new primary school and around 900 much-needed new homes.

“The plans for the area, which draw on feedback from a recent community consultation asking local people what sort of facilities they want for Porthcawl, include new and significantly improved open space for residents and visitors to enjoy. This is in addition to a 200 metre seaside park already planned as part of the nearby Salt Lake development.”

Councillor Neelo Farr, cabinet member for regeneration said: “This move is a major sign of confidence in Porthcawl and represents a highly significant investment from Welsh Government which recognises the area’s importance and potential.

“By unlocking and expediting the acquisition of this land, Welsh Government has effectively enabled the council to focus more of its resources upon maximising the benefits of regeneration. As a result, we will be increasing the amount of affordable housing that will become available as part of this project, and safeguarding higher levels of quality than was previously possible.

“We are delighted that Welsh Government has demonstrated this sign of faith in our plans for Porthcawl, and look forward to working together in close partnership in order to deliver long-lasting, high-quality, sustainable regeneration that will be of benefit to residents and visitors alike.”

Speaking afer the announcement Pat Evans, of Coney Beach Amusement Park, said: “Generations of our family have lived and worked alongside each other here at Coney Beach for over 100 years. We will be forever proud of our showman heritage and the memories that we have created for all our customers who have visited us and shared in our love of the ‘fun of the fair’ and the legacy that Coney Beach leaves.

“We are confident in Welsh Government and Bridgend County Borough Council’s ability to deliver on the community ambitions as we move into this new era, and were pleased to agree to operate Coney Beach for a few more years to give continuity for the town before the redevelopment commences. May Porthcawl continue to prosper.”