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Footage of rugby fans crammed onto train sparks calls for urgent action

SHOCKING images of rugby fans crammed onto a train over the weekend has prompted calls for urgent action from the Welsh Conservatives.

Thousands of people headed to the Principality Stadium on Saturday as Wales took on New Zealand in the first full-capacity match since the pandemic began.

However, a video posted on social media showed fans crammed onto a Transport for Wales train like sardines as they made their way to the capital city.

Welsh Conservative Shadow Minister for Transport, Natasha Asghar MS, said:

“The people of Wales seem to be getting accustomed to travelling on crammed trains, especially on rugby days which we all know always attract large crowds.

“Frankly, the lack of trains is just unacceptable. This fixture had been in the calendar for weeks and was not a surprise to anyone, yet Transport for Wales still failed to take action to make sure adequate trains were running.

“I have said on many occasions – inside and outside of the Senedd – that more trains are needed, especially now as life is slowly returning to normal and people are travelling again, but it’s clear bosses at Transport for Wales didn’t have their finger on the pulse over the weekend.

“It is vital that the Welsh Government-owned body steps up to the plate and ensures enough trains and carriages are running to cope with the high numbers of people for the rest of the autumn international matches.”