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Labour’s Anna McMorrin holds Cardiff North

Labour's Anna McMorrin held Cardiff North (Pic: Ted Peskett)

LABOUR has held Cardiff North in the 2024 General Election.

With 20,849 votes, Anna McMorrin held on to the seat she has been an MP for since 2017.

Labour has won the election, with exit polls showing shortly after 10pm on Thursday, July 4 that the party would win by a landslide.

The results also see heavy Conservative loses across the country, Plaid Cymru gains and Liberal Democrat gains.
Ms McMorrin said: “It’s fantastic.

“At no point were we complacent at all.

“As we’ve seen, we had no idea, didn’t believe the polls and kept working for every single vote, particularly in those marginal seats.”

When we spoke to people on Cardiff’s streets ahead of the election many said they had lost faith in politics and politicians.

Ms McMorrin was asked whether she was worried that the controversy surrounding Vaughan Gething would affect the way people voted in the Welsh capital.

The Welsh Labour leader accepted a £200,000 donation from a company run by a man previously convicted of waste offences.

Ms McMorrin said: “This election, on the doors people were speaking to me about the Tories and the economic decline and many, I have to say, were apathetic.

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“We have got to rebuild that trust in politics. That has got to be a priority.

“Stabilising our economy, giving back to people who are expecting a lot from us.

“They want to see that change, but also re-building that trust and faith in politics.”

The turnout in Cardiff North was 66.77%, which is 47,711 voters. 

Joel Williams for the Conservatives was the candidate with the second most number of votes.

Before the results were called, Mr Williams said the focus of his party now has to be rebuilding trust.

Mr Williams, 28, added: “The polls are interesting, but the only poll that counts is indeed the poll on the night and that exit poll it didn’t make for pleasant reading.

“We shouldn’t be in denial about the uphill battle we face as a party. I’ll go back to what I said… I want to be part of a party that is in government because I know when we are government we can make real lasting change. We can improve peoples’ lives.”