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Oasis Cardiff raises funds for its Mind-Spring mental health programme

OASIS Cardiff will combine forces with the Big Give over Mental Health Awareness Week (May 15-21) to raise money to support the continuation of its Mind-Spring programme. 

Mind-Spring is a unique programme, supporting refugees and asylum seekers with their mental health in their own language to help them look to their futures with positivity and hope.

Many asylum seekers and refugees are affected by low mental health, ongoing trauma and a sense of loss and hopelessness. There are very few mental health programmes that address the specific challenges faced by asylum seekers and refugees. Originally developed in the Netherlands, Oasis Cardiff is running the only iteration of Mind-Spring in the UK and is seeing amazing outcomes among participants.

Fadela from Kuwait said: “I have been in the UK for 2 years, but I haven’t studied or done anything. I didn’t have any hope. I always had negative energy and pessimism. It’s only after joining Mind-Spring sessions that I decided to go to college. Meddia helped me change my view. I am more optimistic now and I want to be a part of any programme I can be. I want to thank Oasis from top to bottom for their support.”

In a group setting, participants discuss a range of topics in their mother tongue, helping them to feel less alone in the challenges they face. Since 2020, Oasis have facilitated 15 cohorts with 166 asylum seekers and refugees.

Feedback gathered from a recent cohort shows that 90% of participants said they feel energised from what they’ve learnt and better able to cope, and 81% reported they feel better able to manage and control any anxiousness they feel.

Programme Coordinator, Meddia Kendi, said: “Mind-Spring is a vital aspect of the work that we do in helping refugees and asylum seekers adjust to life in the UK and to deal with the many issues that weigh heavily on them. Their lived experiences are incredibly challenging and they must understand the new society that they find themselves in.

“We are seeing such positivity and hope come out of this programme and so many participants have reported feeling greater confidence and contentment with their lives now, and it is great to hear the impact the programme is having on their wider families.”

Oasis Cardiff is asking for any donations – from individuals, from bake sales, fun runs, dress-down days – anything at all! All donations will go through their Campaign Page on the Big Give website. Please note that the donate button won’t be available to their campaign via the Big Give website until the first day of the campaign week – May 15– 21.

Yusif said: “To be a refugee is not easy and Mind-Spring helped us to deal with these feelings. Mind-spring is a very good and beneficial programme. I have transferred what I have learned to my family as well. My wife who was always crying and alone is now much happier.”

If you are able to donate, please do. This programme can make a real change to the lives of some very brave people who find themselves in a difficult situation and who want to rebuild their futures here in Cardiff.